antoin (antoin) wrote,

Пратчетт :(

Эх... Вспомнил, как восемнадцать лет назад случайно купил первую книгу Пратчетта и проглотил её за вечер. Спасибо сэру Терри за все хорошие часы, которые мы провели с его книгами.
Несколько любимых цитат:
“If you trust in yourself and believe in your dreams and follow your star, you’ll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren’t so lazy.” – The Wee Free Men
"I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are good people and bad people. You're wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides." - Guards! Guards!
“If there was anything that depressed him more than his own cynicism, it was that quite often it still wasn’t as cynical as real life.” – Guards! Guards!
“‘I meant,’ said Ipslore bitterly, ‘What is there in this world that truly makes living worthwhile?” Death thought about it. CATS, he said eventually. CATS ARE NICE.” – Sourcery
"It’s not worth doing something unless someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren’t doing it."
"Fantasy is an exercise bicycle for the mind. It might not take you anywhere, but it tones up the muscles that can."
"The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they’ve found it." – Monstrous Regiment
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